USN-186-1 (mozilla, mozilla-firefox) updates broken on Hoary

John Dong john.dong at
Sun Sep 25 09:50:38 CDT 2005

Yeah, I've been looking at this issue. The transition was done around
1.0.2-1.0.5, when Ubuntu didn't release any updates for several security
vulnerabilities in Firefox. As a result, Backports team just pulled the
latest Breezy package (which has undergone mozilla-firefox->firefox
transitions), and had to re-create the mozilla-firefox transitional package
because devhelper depended on a specific version of mozilla-firefox that
just a virtual Provides: line could not satisfy. We certainly didn't rename
package just because we felt like it :).

With 1.0.7, Breezy has gone too far away from Hoary, and libcairo bindings
no longer work when compiling Breezy 1.0.7 on Hoary. So, our options are:

1) Just use the aptitude process you described

2) Use Breezy 1.0.6 diff.gz's against 1.0.7 sources and create a 1.0.7Backport

3) Work with the Firefox maintainer to remove 1.0.7's incompatible patches
and compile a backport.

4) Get hoary-security packages to properly override hoary-backports

Backports-style firefox packages are identical to what Breezy has, so the
upgrade to Breezy has been confirmed time and time again to be working
properly. It's the hoary-security packages that have introduced the weird
unthinkable case.

I personally perfer 4. A few Conflicts: lines would fix everything.

On 9/25/05, Martin Pitt <martin.pitt at> wrote:
> Hi Andrew, hi backporters, hi James!
> Andrew Pam [2005-09-24 21:50 +1000]:
> > The USN-186-1 (mozilla, mozilla-firefox) updates are broken on Hoary:
> >
> > Preparing to replace mozilla-firefox 1.0.6-1ubuntu1~5.04ubp1 (using
> > .../mozilla-firefox_1.0.7-0ubuntu0.1_i386.deb) ...
> > Unpacking replacement mozilla-firefox ...
> > dpkg: error processing
> > /var/cache/apt/archives/mozilla-firefox_1.0.7-0ubuntu0.1_i386.deb
> > (--unpack):
> > trying to overwrite `/var/lib/mozilla-firefox/extensions.d/00classic',
> > which is also in package firefox
> The security update is fine, the problem is that you use backports,
> which are screwed up in Hoary. They renamed the package
> "mozilla-firefox" to "firefox" without doing a proper transition, so
> you now ended up with having both packages installed, which is bogus.
> It would be best to remove firefox from hoary-backports entirely and
> just use hoary-security, IMHO.
> All hoary users with broken installations have to clean up manually:
> sudo aptitude purge firefox
> sudo apt-get install --reinstall mozilla-firefox
> should help. Backporters, if you want to fix this as well, you need to
> upload an empty transition firefox package which just depends on
> firefox.
> Thanks,
> Martin
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