Distributing Java

Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Mon Oct 17 16:08:59 CDT 2005

Hi John,

Am Montag, den 17.10.2005, 16:21 -0400 schrieb John Dong:

>         The users needs to download the package themselves, because
>         sun
>         insists that the users sees the licence agreement. It is
>         therefore 
>         perhaps not legal to redistribute a direct download link (I am
>         not a
>         lawyer, but better safe than sorry, imo)
> No, it's not, but it's legal to do it Gentoo's way, which is to have
> the user download the .bin from Sun, tell Portage where it's located,
> and then Portage works much like java-package, showing the license
> agreement before unpacking and installing into the system.

Where did you see that Gentoo is downloading automatically the java sdk?

The last ebuild from October 10 for sun jdk is not downloading 
it says:

        einfo "Please download ${At} from:"
        einfo "${FETCH_SDK}"
        einfo "Select the ${archtext} self-extracting file"
        einfo "and move it to ${DISTDIR}"

the same applies to lates sun-jre ebuild from gentoo:

        einfo "Please download ${At} from:"
        einfo ${FETCH_SDK}
        einfo "Select the ${archtext} self-extracting file"
        einfo "and move it to ${DISTDIR}"

So they're not violating suns license.

And where did you see suns java in OpenSuse?

I can it see only in rpm backports server like

The buyable distro of Suse is different. SuSE Distribution is not
entirely free to redistribute, which means, Sun JDK/JRE is not allowed
to redistribute, which is why it is on a different CD.

Same applies to Redhat Enterprise/Advance Server/Desktop.

Please don't mix up Community Driven Distribution like
Ubuntu/Fedora/OpenSuSE/Gentoo/Debian and Commercial Distributions like
RedHat/Novell+SuSE, Mandriva etc.

Better then including Sun Java is to ask Azureus to use Blackdown.org's



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