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On 11/23/05, sjoeboo <sjoeboo at> wrote:
> just one question more for my own curiosity:
> when a package get built for backports, with what options/etc is it built,
> or it is always a plain ./configure ?

It's built how the package maintainers want it to be. See the debian/rules
in the extracted source directory  for more info.

I ask because I was excited to see rhythmbox 0.9.1 backported the other day,
> but was sad to see none of the great new features, such as itunes style
> daap, etc, were built into it. no big deal for me, since an apt-get
> build-dep and the right ./configure options is all i need, but, would still
> like to know how its decided what to build the package with, and if this
> will change in teh futureo at all or anything.

File a Bugzilla request to get more stuff if you want...

otherwise, keep up the good work, and have a great thanksgiving.

You too.

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