Internet connection using ethernet cable

Geoffrey Combes gcombes4 at
Mon Aug 13 03:58:10 UTC 2018

Final message on this topic (at least for the time being).

Having failed to make a connection using the ethernet cable I resolved 
to connect to the HUAWET modem B618-1944 using a WiFi adaptor. I bought 
two, both alleged to be compatible with Linux: a cheapy for $2AU and a 
TP-LINK TL-WN722N for $20AU. The latter arrived today with instructions 
on drivers and a CD. This was said by a Ubuntu forum postee to be 
plug-n-play on LinuX Ubuntu. I plugged it in (ignoring the instructions) 
and it worked instantly. After following the Telstra modem stuff my 
Linux Ubuntu desktop PC and all the other WiFi-enabled devices (laptops, 
mobile phone, etc) are connected with the Internet via the Telstra WiFi 
modem. All is well.

Thanks to all again, Geoffrey Combes

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