Internet connection using ethernet cable

Geoffrey Combes gcombes4 at
Wed Aug 8 04:39:45 UTC 2018

Hi Jarred, Since receiving your message I have tried connecting with 
both USB cable (mine) and the Ethernet cable supplied. This time I 
plugged the ethernet cable into the LAN2 (RJ45) socket because the PDF 
of the similar modem show it being used to connect with a desktop PC 
(proof that it cana be done). I got no response with either cable. 
Furthermore bash command <lsusb> shows nothing connected (my previous 
modem shows up).

I have never connected my PC to anything using an ethernet cable. The PC 
has one RJ45 socket; I don't know whether it works, nor how to check if 
it works. I will be quizzing some of my radio ham club about this. By 
the way I am a mechanical engineer who has studied electronics privately 
and have a radio amateur licence. But I am not a PC expert.

As far as I can tell I am using default settings everywhere. Presently I 
am using my old modem with a USB cable which the network manager labels 
'Auto Ethernet'. It connects instantly.

Thanks for your advice. I believe that I will find a way to wire-connect 
eventually, meanwhile I will try the WiFi USB adaptor.

Geoffrey Combes

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