Ubuntu Unity desktop

Rob Dawson radawson at netspace.net.au
Mon Dec 4 08:03:08 UTC 2017

I made the switch to the Gnome desktop in 17.04 and it was the best 
thing I could have done.  I never felt really comfortable with Unity and 
I find Gnome is much more suited to how I work.  I added the Gnome 
extension "Dash to Dock" and I find it superior to the Unity dock in 
that I can place it in any location (I use the bottom of the screen) and 
I can duplicate it across multiple monitors.  Gnome uses the Window key 
for a similar functionality to the HUD and it's quick and responsive.  
In a nutshell Gnome just feels like it's integrated much better with the 
OS and I don't miss anything about Unity now; in a very short space of 
time I was comfortable with Gnome and have been even happier with it as 
time passes.


On 04/12/17 10:48, Geoffrey Combes wrote:
> I have been asked what do I think of Ubuntu's Gnome desktop. I am 
> using 16.04 LTS and will continue to do so until it is no longer 
> supported.
> I like the Unity desktop. All my favourite programs are quickly 
> accessed from the toolbar at left and others can be found in Dash. 
> Unity gives me fast access to programs and I would be disappointed at 
> losing it. Is there a choice?
> Please tell me what is going on.
> Geoffrey Combes

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