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Good morning all,

I just came across an email to the loco-contacts mailing list that I
thought I would like to share with you all. The Egyptian team have a
real focus on getting real world events going and have created a very
nicely laid out and easy to follow wiki application. I thought if
people were trying to think of events to run, how to run them or just
some general inspiration it might help to read over what they have
accomplished. I believe our team does online events (meetings, Ubuntu
User Days, Global Jams, etc) well but our next evolutionary step is to
carry this into "real world" events to include more than just release
parties (which are great, sign up some more!).

Maybe something that can be brought up in some of the release parties
that are planned?

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Date: 22 March 2012 03:03
Subject: Congrats to Egypt LoCo
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On March 20th the LoCo Council met and had only one new LoCo team to
review for approval; the Egyptian LoCo[0].

The Egyptian LoCo's approval application[1] was a great example of a
quality application as it even included nice graphs to help visualise
some of the plans the LoCo is putting into place. With this and the
other evidence of great work the LoCo Council voted unanimously to
approve the Egyptian LoCo!

Please join us in congratulating the Egyptian LoCo Team for being a
great example of a positive force in Ubuntu!

[0] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam
[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam/ApprovalApplication2012


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