virus phone call scam: question/wacky replies

David Drury idavid at
Wed Jun 20 13:05:15 UTC 2012

I really want to string them along some time, but they always call 
during dinner time. Usually then I don't have a computer.

On Wed, 20 Jun 2012 22:46:56 +1000, Dave Hall wrote:
> On 20/06/12 22:20, Tom Sparks wrote:
>> 'We have been getting phone calls say "your computer has a 
>> problem..."
>> Most time I just hand up. But I've been think of give these caller a 
>> 10 question or some wacky replies
> ...
>> I am wondering what question or wacky replies would you come up 
>> with?
> One night I tied them up for almost an hour. I just played along
> being a really stupid user.
> The most annoying this was that my credit card was flagged as stolen
> just days before, I wanted to give them the number to pay for their
> services, but they wouldn't take it until they were done.  I couldn't
> get an XP VM installed in time for them to login to it.
> In the end I told them that they had called an IT consultant and that
> I had enough information to track them down.  During the call they
> gave me a callback number which I tried from my mobile to see  if it
> was legit, it worked during the call and immediately after it, 20 
> mins
> later it stopped working. Based on some research it was a SkypeIn
> number.  I also reported them to GoToMyPC or whatever service they
> were using for the remote login, I got a positive response from them
> in a few hours.  I have never got a "virus" call since.
> Every time you string them along it is a lot potential victims they
> can't call because they are busy with you.
> Cheers
> Dave

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