virus phone call scam: question/wacky replies

Dave Hall dave.hall at
Wed Jun 20 12:46:56 UTC 2012

On 20/06/12 22:20, Tom Sparks wrote:
> 'We have been getting phone calls say "your computer has a problem..."
> Most time I just hand up. But I've been think of give these caller a 10 question or some wacky replies
> I am wondering what question or wacky replies would you come up with?

One night I tied them up for almost an hour. I just played along being a 
really stupid user.

The most annoying this was that my credit card was flagged as stolen 
just days before, I wanted to give them the number to pay for their 
services, but they wouldn't take it until they were done.  I couldn't 
get an XP VM installed in time for them to login to it.

In the end I told them that they had called an IT consultant and that I 
had enough information to track them down.  During the call they gave me 
a callback number which I tried from my mobile to see  if it was legit, 
it worked during the call and immediately after it, 20 mins later it 
stopped working. Based on some research it was a SkypeIn number.  I also 
reported them to GoToMyPC or whatever service they were using for the 
remote login, I got a positive response from them in a few hours.  I 
have never got a "virus" call since.

Every time you string them along it is a lot potential victims they 
can't call because they are busy with you.



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