Stand up for Linux. Stop Microsoft from attempting to kill ubuntu and other Linux Distros.

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Fri Sep 23 09:36:58 UTC 2011

Wow, this is just disgusting on Micro$oft's part. I regularly use Windows
and Ubuntu in a dual-boot, and Micro$oft wants to take this right away from
me? Oh well, at least we'll always have self-built PCs. I have submitted a
complaint to the ACCC though.

Boden Matthews,

On 23 September 2011 19:15, Luke Martinez <me at> wrote:

> Hello,
> It as part of the Windows 8 OEM scheme Microsoft requires the OEM's to lock
> down the computer to only run windows 8 or other "authorized" OS'es via a
> signature system.[1] for "security" reasons.
> Put simply, Microsoft as part of their OEM system require all new
> computers shipping with windows 8 to use secure signing keys to
> prevent 'unauthorized software' from running on the computer. This
> will prevent all free software operating systems from running on the
> computers that come with OEM by default.
> So, we need YOU to stand up for Linux in Australia (and other countries)!
> Simply follow these easy steps.
> 1. Click this link: here<>
> 2. Fill out your concerns. (Find an attached letter for reference)
> 3. Submit with Personal Information.
> 4. Tell your friends to do the same
> 5. (optional) Forward this to your favourite Linux Mailing List
> Regards,
> Luke Martinez
> me at
> Here is some more info for those who don't know:
> (slide 11) [1]
> [2]
> Here is the reference letter:
> I have recently learnt that any new computer or laptop that ships with the
> upcoming Windows 8 Operating System will not be able to run any other
> Operating System.  Microsoft's new UEFI Secure Boot system prevents
> 'unauthorized software' from running on any new computer sold with Windows
> 8. Making a system that ships with only Micrsoft Windows not being able to
> boot a copy of Linux or any other operating system. I wish to use Linux on
> future computers, and this will not allow me to use Linux at all. Microsoft
> is engaging in seriously anti-competitive behaviour by forcing the lockout
> of all competitors. (See:
> Not only will Microsoft kick out Linux off the computers, they will
> prevent 'upgrading' of windows versions: creating forced obsolescence. I am
> disgusted, is Microsoft legally allowed to do this? Microsoft has been
> slowly becoming more anti-competitive: computing used to be about choice,
> having the ability to choose the Operating System. Now Microsoft want to
> have complete control.
> Regards,
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> you at
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