Brisbane release party - Oneiric Ocelot

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Sounds like a good find. Quick, add it to the team's loco.u.c page and
start promoting ;)

Regarding Brisbane's efforts, what do people thinking about just
holding a social release party at a place to be determined and then
separately holding an installation festival at a later date rather
than trying to bunch it all in on one day?  to the people at
The Edge they seem to think it would be the sort of event they'd be
able to run, they could even help promote it and provide resources.
It's just been brought up that it might be a bit difficult to manage
both events on the one day and upon thinking about it I tend to agree.

Other people's thoughts?

Sounds good.  Make the release part close to public transport maybe?  If parking is freely available I may be travelling from Bribie Is if anyone wants a lift - but I work in Virginia on Saturday mornings.

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