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Sun Jun 19 01:08:52 UTC 2011

Hello list...

Subsequent to a discussion on the Ubuntu-AU forum : 
and a discussion with Jared I have proposed a couple of topics for the next 

I've also added a discussion topic to the wiki: 

Please add your thoughts to this topic here or on the wiki page!


From: Jared Norris <jrnorris at gmail.com>
To: ubuntu-au at lists.ubuntu.com
Sent: Sun, 12 June, 2011 11:32:57 PM
Subject: Ubuntu-AU going for Approval

Good evening,

As discussed on the mailing list and again at the meeting tonight it has been 
decided that we will do our best to update the team approval page [1] and after 
2 weeks we will submit it for approval by the council. I think we've address 
most of the original issues listed as reasons for not being approved listed at 
[2].The idea being that the worst that can happen is that we're told what we 
still need to do to gain approval but the best that can happen is that we're 

If anyone wants to add to the application please log on to [1] and add any 
relevant information. If you're not sure if what you want to add is relevant 
just shoot it to the list and we can discuss it if need be.

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Approval2011
[2] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-au/2010-May/006166.html


Jared Norris JP(Qual) BBehSc(Psych)
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