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Tue Jun 7 08:17:03 UTC 2011

It seems (from the logs) that it wasn't able to correctly download the indexes 
for the repositories, so it may have been confused about what it was to delete.

Also, I'm not sure installing over the top of a previous version is  actually 
supported, even though it lets you install without formatting.  I've had one 
failed install with the exact same results as you.  Someone else (on Ubuntu 
Forums) was able to do this fine, which was good because their /home was on the 
same partition as /.  Some people are born lucky.  :-)  It's not guaranteed to 
work, and my feeling is that 11.04 as it is on the LiveCD is quite buggy.  None 
of my installs have worked properly until I managed to run the updates, and that 
goes for both Ubuntu 11.04 and Xubuntu 11.04 - The LiveCDs won't even work on 
one of my machines.

I'd bet that if you do a proper clean install and format / then it will be 
fine.  If you get errors but the system is still working, run the updates and 
you should be fine.  The same thing goes if you can't start the desktop 
environment but can get a terminal to do the updates.

Also, before you install from the LiveCD  you should check the MD5SUM as 
published.  Having the "LiveCD work flawlessly" is no guarantee that you got a 
good download or did a good burn, or that the installer will work correctly.  I 
generally check the MD5SUM of the downloaded ISO, and then burn it (if I'm doing 
so - USB installs are standard for me now) at the slowest rate, then check the 
burnt disk for errors.


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Hi all.

I'm having a little difficulty with a freshish install of Natty.  I'm attempting 
to install a fresh copy over two previous Ubuntu partitions - '/' and '/home'. 
 When the installation progress reaches the "Removing Packages" stage Ubiquity 
crashes and throws up a message asking me to file a bug on Launchpad.  The live 
CD seemingly works flawlessly.

I've provided my Launchpad bug link below with the two logs requested but would 
appreciate any additional advice on resolving this issue.

Launchpad bug <>.


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