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Can anyone tell me how I can recover this icon ??


The nm-indicator applet is tied to the notification area and possibly to the 
indicator applet.  People most often try to remove the social networking icon or 
the me icon and find that other things disappear as well.  I think many of us 
who don't use social networking just learn to leave the indicator icon for it 
alone and ignore it since removing it deletes other stuff as well.

Try adding the notification area back to the top panel (right click and "Add to 
Panel...") and then reboot.  I don't know why the reboot is necessary but the 
indicator applet is always reloaded and reset on a reboot.  There's no 
nm-indicator applet that can be added to the top panel in this way; I think this 
is because it automatically links to the notification area and/or the indicator 
applet and gets displayed.  It's also not possible to move the nm-indicator icon 
around as it always appears to the far right - if you move all your indicators 
around it will eventually finish up at the far right corner of the screen.  
Sometimes moving the indicators is a good idea - I've heard of the nm-indicator 
applet being stuck (hidden) behind one of the others.


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