NetworkManager Applet 0.8 Icon

David Bowskill davidbow at
Sat Jun 4 02:21:38 UTC 2011

Thanks Chris from your reply.
I have moved the various indicators/icons away from the right hand side
of the toolbar/panel but the nm indicator still does not appear.
Incidentally on my partners computer, the nm indicator is in the middle
of the panel and works OK.
I have got the Network Monitor 2.28.0 indicator displayed which helps.
It's all a mystery to me.

Thanks again

On 02/06/11 05:20, Chris Robinson wrote:
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> Subject: NetworkManager Applet 0.8 Icon
> Can anyone tell me how I can recover this icon ??
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> The nm-indicator applet is tied to the notification area and possibly to the 
> indicator applet.  People most often try to remove the social networking icon or 
> the me icon and find that other things disappear as well.  I think many of us 
> who don't use social networking just learn to leave the indicator icon for it 
> alone and ignore it since removing it deletes other stuff as well.
> Try adding the notification area back to the top panel (right click and "Add to 
> Panel...") and then reboot.  I don't know why the reboot is necessary but the 
> indicator applet is always reloaded and reset on a reboot.  There's no 
> nm-indicator applet that can be added to the top panel in this way; I think this 
> is because it automatically links to the notification area and/or the indicator 
> applet and gets displayed.  It's also not possible to move the nm-indicator icon 
> around as it always appears to the far right - if you move all your indicators 
> around it will eventually finish up at the far right corner of the screen.  
> Sometimes moving the indicators is a good idea - I've heard of the nm-indicator 
> applet being stuck (hidden) behind one of the others.
> Chris.

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