Software Freedom Day - Brisbane

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Good to see you're keen. As for the venue I had a couple of ideas but
nothing solid, so far I was thinking either we could try to find a
computer market, a general market, shopping centre or library to
invade for the day. The problem with that is I have no idea how good
the local Brisbane computer market is, does anyone have any feedback
on if it's well attended?


Hi Jared,

I think the markets are on Sunday, I can't find mention of a Saturday market.  
It might be a bit hit-or-miss, but you'd expect at least 120-150 through the 
door at any of the venues, possibly a lot more.

The Library idea sounds interesting.

How about taking over a coffee shop for the day?  Find a nice trendy one with 
plenty of space that wouldn't mind a bunch of geeks talking to their customers, 
and maybe setting up a laptop or two.  

The QUT open day is this Sunday, unfortunately I could not get organised in 
time, and it doesn't really fit into the SFD anyway...


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