Software Freedom Day - Brisbane

Jared Norris jrnorris at
Fri Jul 29 08:28:13 UTC 2011

On 29 July 2011 18:00, Chris Robinson <fabricator4 at> wrote:
> Sure, count me in.  I wanted to organise something but I've been flat out with
> work the last few weeks.
> Hopefully I can be there the whole day, but in the worst case I'll be there from
> about 12:00 on (after work).  I'll try to get the whole day free however.
> What location did you have in mind?
> Chris.


Good to see you're keen. As for the venue I had a couple of ideas but
nothing solid, so far I was thinking either we could try to find a
computer market, a general market, shopping centre or library to
invade for the day. The problem with that is I have no idea how good
the local Brisbane computer market is, does anyone have any feedback
on if it's well attended?


Jared Norris JP(Qual) BBehSc(Psych)

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