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> I'm not entirely sure what /Ian Fleming/ is trying to do. 

One Ian Fleming wrote boy-toy stories, aka James Bond 007

> However I
> do understand the issue with trying to wade through the mailing list

from what I receive, this mailing list is /very/ low volume. Are you
saying you receive lots of emails per day from this mailing list?

> subscription cannot be switched over to a NNTP or Newsgroup server?
> The advantages are that when people respond to a question, it places
> the answers under the original question indented to the right so
> anyone can see it's a response to the first post.  It's also a alot

good mail clients can categorise and thread very well

> easier to search for key words in a newsgroup then the mailing list.

I'd say search functions are roughly equal between news readers and
mail clients

> And control of who has access to the newsgroup and who does not would
> be much easier.

in un-moderated newsgroups such as a.o.l.u. (depicted in your
screen-shot) there is no control over who posts to or who reads articles
other than access limitations. mailing lists have an email subscription
and confirmation process (whether functional or not) and therefore at
least the conceptual ability to control the flow of mail and access.

So, how is control easier in a newsgroup, keeping in mind that moderated
newsgroups are effectively censored and the spirit of OSS is, well,

> I've submitted a screen-dump to illustrate what I'm trying to point
> out.
> Anyone think this would be worth looking into?


> Anthony

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