Tech support

Ian Fleming iflema at
Sun Sep 12 11:39:26 BST 2010

First of all congratulations on earning Ubuntu membership, I think I
have said it all ready but hey... now its official.

I am not saying 3 2 1 GO! I am thinking along the lines of
infrastructure, a little ground work. 

I see tech support in the mailing list and can not help but think that
it is a little odd. For example when one browses the mailing list, one
has to wade through all the tech support threads to find anything of

What if activity on both fronts increase.

More over I personally think its a bad look for the Australian Ubuntu
Loco. Very very disorganised.

Im reluctant to add *tech support in mailing list* to the agenda for
Tuesday nights meeting, maybe just a quick focus on it to get the
impression of those present.

(to quote you....) 
"May the force be with you!" :) 

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