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Scott Evans scott at vk7hse.hobby-site.org
Thu May 13 07:29:44 BST 2010

Ok as most of you would be aware the current status of the ubuntu-au
loco. As a result of this news there has been some pointers on how to
path the way forward to regain the loco status. This gives us the
opportunity to review the current plan of how the loco was being run to
now how it will be run in the future.

At this point I ask for all ego's and anger to be left at the door, if
you feel that you can't do this then maybe you need to review your
status within the loco group as a whole, after all we all need to get
along to move forward. The last round of debate about how a potential
structure could be implemented ended in a way that simply proved (to me)
that the current people in charge of the loco were not up for new
suggestions or change. This is the first failing of the loco, we have to
evolve as the time changes or you end up with a stale non-motivated

So where to go from here ?

Clearly there has been little change in the organisational structure
since the loco was first approved. This needs to change and I believe
that all rolls should be on a rotational basis, meaning that there
should be equal opportunity for all to have a turn. So what are the
current rolls that people have assigned to them? how active are they in
this roll?/how long have they had this roll?

I should state at this point I believe that all positions should be
declared open!

The rotational system that I'm suggesting should last for a period of 1
year (can be reviewed if this doesn't work) and that all that have
singed the ubuntu CoC are entitled to participate. Should one person not
have ubuntu membership (will be required for the loco contact) then as a
group we should work together to help that person gain it.

Essentially we need to work as a team not as individuals...

So can we expand on this plan and see where it can take us? all debate
is welcome ;-)

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