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Hi Ubuntu Users,

The communication between Dave Hall and Chris Taylor made me react to an important Linux O/S Laptop/Notebook issue.

The laptop/notebook market is growing at an extraordinary rate; to convert those potential users to a Linux O/S will need all of us to lobby the after market hardware manufacturers and internet service providers to pay attention in giving support.  

Most Desktops running a Linux O/S connect direct to the internet via a straight forward to configure Broadband Cable or ADSL Modem. With other devices such as webcams, printers, digital cameras and USB drives it's very much the same. However multifunction printers can still be a problem.

Currently one item most important to the laptop/notebook user is the use of a Next "G" wireless broadband modem. Telstra, Virgin and all other providers that I know off give no support for Linux at all. There is support for wireless broadband modems in some of the implementations of Linux such as Ubuntu, however to get a device to actually work is a hit and miss exercise.

I would like to know on any of you that have experience in getting a Next "G" wireless broadband modem to work on Ubuntu.


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