Funding question

Andrew Swinn andrew at
Mon Mar 8 10:12:14 GMT 2010

In order to receive funding you would almost certainly need to be an 
incorporated club/association. Ubuntu-au is not such an entity.

Such an entity requires registration of the organisation along with 
reporting of financials each year plus a formal committee etc. Not 
something I would hope we would jump into anytime soon. The paperwork is 
just horendous and as Melissa pointed out there appear to be some LUGS 
wanted to 'dissolve' this so they can avoid the paperwork and hoops.



On 8/03/2010 7:58 PM, benchen70 wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am just wondering, if anyone  has tried to gain funding through
> their local city council. I have been involved in the fundraising for
> schools and other non-profits, liasing with the local city councils. I
> am just wondering if there is any objections if I go and try to check
> out this venue for fundraising.
> Hang on, I forgot to ask one question: are we allowed to fundraise on
> behalf of the community, or are there specified people for this kind
> of job? Or do we not funsraise at all? I mean, do we fundraise for the
> social events?
> I don't know. These are just some things I thought of. What's your
> opinion?
> Regards,
> benchen70
> Benjamin Chen

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