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Norm, VK3XCI vk3xci at
Mon Mar 8 06:45:42 GMT 2010


I've had a fair bit to do with "committees" over a vast range of involvements, 
from Radio Clubs to rural Progress Associations and Distance Education parent 
Committees. All have a couple of things in common. Dissent (is that the word you 
were looking for Scott?) and egos. From an almost outsider (Lurker!) looking in 
and still involved in radio club committee, I'll make a few observations.

...The best person for the job usually gravitates there(eventually)
...Extraneous positions are often introduced to sooth bruised egos.
...In an "Inc. Assoc." a degree of formality is required to satisfy the law.
...Excessive formality kills organisations!
...I'm unsure of Ubuntu-au's formal standing; how much "committee" do we need?

Which begs a few questions
...What is the LoCo's mission? What are we trying to achieve?
...What is the relationship with the "Mother Company"?
...How is it all funded?
...What are the legal obligations.


73 de Norm, VK3XCI
Mildura, Australia
The Wintersun City

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