Governance Structure Proposal for Ubuntu-AU

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Mon Mar 8 02:58:04 GMT 2010

On 8/03/2010 1:25 PM, AndrewG wrote:
> On Mar 8, 12:05 pm, Paul Gear<p... at>  wrote:
>> Melissa Draper wrote:
>>> On Mon, 2010-03-08 at 11:25 +1100, Andrew Swinn wrote:
>>>> Just a quick 2 cents worth on the whole committee thing.
>>>> I would agree that having an overall president plus a representive from
>>>> each state would be the way to go.
>>> Linux Australia has gone through this discussion regularly over the
>>> years. The conclusion has always been that it's not feasible. Why?
>>> Because you have to find, for each state (and territory), someone
>>> actually capable and willing to do the role. In a country like
>>> Australia, that means finding someone from NSW, Vic, QLD, WA, SA, Tas,
>>> ACT.
>>> ...
>>>> So firstly I think we should organise the first thing, getting a
>>>> president/leader/whatever put in place plus state reps, then letting
>>>> those elected/appointed people work on organising the rest.
>>>> One of the big issues with community groups is getting caught up in the
>>>> politics of it all. Those age old requirements for
>>>> president/treasurer/minutes/commitees out the wazoo all scare new people
>>>> away. People are extroadinarily time limited today so keeping it short
>>>> and simple is what should be focused on.
>>> Once you have a committee you /are/ caught up in the politics. A
>>> committee is political no matter which way you spin it and offices do
>>> have requirements.
>> I have to agree with Melissa on this one.  The position(s) need(s) to be
>> given to the person(s) actually able to do the job.  Perhaps if people
>> are looking for a contact person for each state, we need to have an
>> out-of-band/unofficial/less-official role which is more along the lines
>> of what people are looking for with the election-style deal.
>> I personally couldn't be bothered jumping through the hoops (not to
>> mention what seems to me to be a ridiculous amount of self-promotion)
>> required to be on the LoCo leadership - i have enough to do between
>> switching between two jobs and keeping a number of different clients
>> above water.  However, i would be happy to be a contact for people to
>> talk to about Ubuntu, and i would be happy to organise meetups like
>> we've had recently here in Brisbane.
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> I also agree that the right people need to be given the job(s), but
> who decides what is given to whom currently!!!
> Until the ubuntu-au membership comes up with an open transparent
> structure nothing will change.
> The status-quo will remain until this is achieved.
> Andrew G.  (Brisbane)

Trying to avoid multiple reply threads, posting response to last two 
emails here.

It seems there are two problems.

1. There is possibly not enough people available to fulfil all the 
positions proposed.

2. There are people that want to act in a nature to represent a 
state/territory/entire community they are in but they feel they do not 
have the opportunity to do so.

Therefore to deal with these two potential issues we should...

1. Ask for nominations of interest from people who would like to be the 
contact point for their state and to also . I don't believe there is any 
requirement for each and every state to be involved. There is a heavier 
representation from the eastern states. If there turns out to be only 
interest in a handful of states/territories then so be it. If someone 
comes along later that wants to represent a missing one, then good on 
ya, welcome aboard!

2. If number 1 fails to surface any peoplee then the status quo will remain.

I think it is worth a sort of official 'call to arms' to see who comes 
out of the woodwork. There are plenty of people floating around the 
community, just a question of whether they would like to get involved more.

If we do not ask it will not happen.


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