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Dave Hall dave.hall at
Sat Mar 6 12:21:16 GMT 2010

Hi Melissa,

On Sat, 2010-03-06 at 21:23 +1100, Melissa Draper wrote:
> So this thread is your invitation to note what you've done as a
> participant of this team.
> While "converted acquaintance/friend/relative to ubuntu" are good
> things, they're really not useful here. Trade shows, expos, talks,
> demos, etc are the kinds of things I'm guessing that the LoCo Council
> will be looking for.

Most of my work is done through my company, but most of it is also done
to benefit the Australian community.

Replaced the local community run internet cafe's old virus infested XP
machines with Ubuntu.

Built community maintained website using Drupal and host it on Ubuntu.
Discussed these decisions with people in the local community.  I try not
to get too preachy on the FOSS stuff, people already think I'm a bit

Ran an official SFD event in Newstead, Victoria - population 400.
Ubuntu CDs were distributed and I gave a talk on the benefits of free

Run a FOSS CD library from a local cafe where locals can come in and
borrow CDs including shipit ubuntu cds.  If shipit was more generous I
would expand it to other locations in the district*.

Convinced a client in France to switch from SLES10 to Ubuntu 9.10 (soon
to be 10.04) for their hosting infrastructure that runs 2100 production
drupal sites.  OK that one wasn't loco activity, it was purely
commercial, but sounds good.

This is all in the last 12 months or so.



* I won't rant about the frustrations of dealing with shipit in this

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