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On 28/01/2010, at 10:47, Paul Gear <paul at> wrote:

> jimtippett at wrote:
>> By way of introduction, I have been using Ubuntu for about 18  
>> months, but only on quite old computers (6-7 years).  I need to  
>> replace my desktop and am trying to decide what to purchase.
>> Apart from web access, the programs I most commonly use are  
>> OpenOffice, GnuCash and some old windows programs I run with wine.   
>> One additional application I want to use is video editing.  I would  
>> like the new computer to boot quickly and run the above  
>> applications with ease.
>> My hardware knowledge is limited but I have been considering the  
>> following:
>> Clarkdale CPU with integrated graphics/motherboard to suit
>> 8 Gig ram
>> SSD drive for operating system (64 bit Lucid), hard drive for /home
>> Would appreciate any suggestions or comments
>> Jim Tippett
> Hi Jim,
> I agree with Gabriel's suggestion about a dedicated video card.
> I would also add that you should try to buy components that are "not
> that new".  This is a bit of a fuzzy idea, i know, but the thing is  
> that
> it takes time for newer hardware to be supported by driver  
> developers on
> Linux.  For example, my Dell Latitude D830 laptop is 2 and a bit years
> old.  The system was installed on feisty (7.04) or gutsy (7.10) - i
> can't remember which - and the wireless off/on switch only just  
> started
> working when i upgraded to karmic (9.10).  Similarly, when i bought my
> desktop, the G965 chipset was less than a year old, and it took  
> another
> 12-18 months before there was a driver supporting the onboard video.
> An alternative to this might be buying from a vendor who guarantees
> Linux compatibility, or getting very detailed specs (i.e. the exact
> models of motherboard, video card, hard disks, etc.) and doing online
> research about them yourself.  But regardless, if it were me i would
> probably buy components that are at the lower-priced end of the  
> spectrum
> to give me a better chance of having drivers available.
> Regards,
> Paul
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