Continuous multipage scan with XSane/xscanimage?

Gregory Storer gps at
Sun Jan 3 05:51:53 GMT 2010

Rather than have XSANE do it (which would be easiest), I wondered if you 
could combine the PDF's into one file after you'd scanned them.  A quick 
Google search brought this result:

Might be worth a try.


Paul Gear wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to move my home filing system from paper to electronic form,
> and i'm having some difficulty getting multipage scans from the
> automatic document feeder going.
> My scanner is an HP OfficeJet Pro L7300, which works fine with single
> page scans, or multi-page scans where i press the scan button for every
> page.  However, what i want is to be able to put the document in the
> ADF, press scan, and have it scan it all into one multi-page PDF
> document for me.
> If i choose multiple pages in the XSane interface and select the save
> option, it scans each page into a separate PDF document, which is not
> workable for me.  If i select the multipage project option, if i change
> the number of pages to scan to anything more than one it fails after the
> first page with an error message, and if i leave it on one page, i have
> to press scan separately for every page, even if i manually select the ADF.
> Is there a way to get this process to work - even with a little
> scripting?  I would be happy to write a wrapper script around scanimage
> if i knew which pieces i needed to plug together.  It seems that
> xscanimage only supports tiff and pnm format, and i wouldn't know where
> to start to combine them into a single PDF.  Any suggestions?
> Thanks (and Happy New Year!),
> Paul

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