Continuous multipage scan with XSane/xscanimage?

Paul Gear paul at
Sat Jan 2 05:54:06 GMT 2010

Hi all,

I'm trying to move my home filing system from paper to electronic form,
and i'm having some difficulty getting multipage scans from the
automatic document feeder going.

My scanner is an HP OfficeJet Pro L7300, which works fine with single
page scans, or multi-page scans where i press the scan button for every
page.  However, what i want is to be able to put the document in the
ADF, press scan, and have it scan it all into one multi-page PDF
document for me.

If i choose multiple pages in the XSane interface and select the save
option, it scans each page into a separate PDF document, which is not
workable for me.  If i select the multipage project option, if i change
the number of pages to scan to anything more than one it fails after the
first page with an error message, and if i leave it on one page, i have
to press scan separately for every page, even if i manually select the ADF.

Is there a way to get this process to work - even with a little
scripting?  I would be happy to write a wrapper script around scanimage
if i knew which pieces i needed to plug together.  It seems that
xscanimage only supports tiff and pnm format, and i wouldn't know where
to start to combine them into a single PDF.  Any suggestions?

Thanks (and Happy New Year!),
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