Ongoing Ubuntu-AU debate.

Jared Norris jrnorris at
Sun Apr 18 11:09:17 BST 2010

Good evening Andrew and the Ubuntu-AU list,

 Firstly I would like to say that I agree the Ubuntu-AU team could use a lot
more people willing to help out as much as you have in the Brisbane area. I
do however have some reservations about your ongoing tirade of emails about
the ACC.

 I would again like to point out to all members the Ubuntu Code of Conduct
at With this in mind I would like to
draw attention specifically to the section:

 *“Please avoid flamewars, trolling, personal attacks, and **repetitive
arguments**. On technical matters, the Technical Review Board can make a
final decision. On matters of community governance, the Community Council
can make a final decision. “*

 I have sat down tonight and seen yet again another post by yourself on the
subject so it made me think about it some more. I have drawn up a table and
worked out that of the 5 or 6 separate discussions on this topic it boils
down to 6 people who are for your ACC, 8 people who are against your ACC and
6 people that were either neutral to your proposal or off topic with other
issues. I would then like to point out that the 6 people that were FOR your
proposed ACC have contributed 40 emails to the list on the topic. The people
who were AGAINST your proposed ACC have contributed 10 emails in total. The
people that were NEUTRAL/OFF TOPIC to your proposed ACC have sent in 14
emails. This is a total of 64 contributions from 20 different people.

 Please do not mistake a large number of emails to the list as a large
groundswell of support, you personally have contributed 11 emails to this

 As far as I can work out unless a lot more people come forward to support
your idea it doesn't seem to be gaining much traction when you realise there
is 337 people on this list ( If you add to that the
fact that as a list administrator I have seen 12 people unsubscribe since
the topic started less than a week ago you will understand this current

 Unless there is a large number of people coming forward in the near future
I don't think it's realistic to completely change how things are run when
the way things are as we speak do not prevent anyone from organising
activities beyond the scope of the aforementioned Code of Conduct.

 Keep up with the good work with regards to promoting Ubuntu within Brisbane
but I think it's time to draw to a close the ongoing campaign of the ACC.


Jared Norris
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