Topic Change: Does everyone like the Koala

Phil in the scrub phil0488497315 at
Mon Nov 16 04:56:13 GMT 2009


It has its good points and its bad points
But becaus eof very real annoyances  with sound and wireless and a few
other niggles
ditched it and went back to Jaunty  which is fine .

I actualy found the Koala   although improve performance and speed
to be a bunch of crap for my needs  ---  When previous versions work
very well and no need to spend whole weekends
looking for workarounds only to find that others with same problems
also unable to find work arounds

I think I shall now stay with the long term releases

It appears I am not the only one

Even Ubuntus own poll shows  18% had to do  medium tweaking
Further 18% have problems with as yet no ubuntu solution

However, still  like Ubuntu (as well as other distro's )
Just think I will skip 3 out 4 releases from now on :)

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