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Sun Nov 15 16:41:05 GMT 2009

On Sat, 2009-11-14 at 18:35 -0800, bwright wrote: 
> In light of recent events, I thought I would take the liberty of
> changing the topic! How is everyone finding the Koala? Soft and cuddly
> or does it have claws and red eyes? I am quite pleased with the new
> boot screen and theme makes it more visually pleasing.

Here we go,

over all I have a positive impression so far from the Koala.

I've upgraded from Jaunty and had some issues. I had to mapp my
apt-cache repository to another partition as I was lacking 700 MB of
space to upgrade. <- this could be mentioned in the release notes/
During the upgrade an error occurred, don't know why but it left me with
some old packages  I had to clean up manually.
I'm not sure if there is something else the upgrade process did not
finish, don't know where and how to check either.

The startup screen looks nice but I was waiting for the logo to turn on
some colour. The startup is slightly faster but nowhere near the 10
seconds, but I've got no SSD...

I've signed up to Ubuntu One and the first thing was to create some
symbolic links pointing to some folders I wanted to sync. Unfortunately
this feature is not yet 100% according to Launchpad.
Another thing is the cloud symbol in the panel - it always shows an ! so
I think it is something wrong but apparently it is OK.
Comparing U One it with Dropbox the linking worked right from the start
and it shows a tick mark that everything is OK.

Suspend and hibernate are still up for testing. With Jaunty it did not
work properly.

For Karmic the GNOME team turned of the icons in menus. Although I did
like the icons I will go a few weeks on without them and see how I will
adapt. By now I needed to read quite a few menus as I was missing the
correct icon.

Same with the new icon set, some of them I don't know yet but I like the

Another thing I like is that apport does collect data for reports. Yes
it did already collect a few reports all about 120 MB big but who cares.
If any of the reports do help to fix issues I will send them to help.

So my overall impression of the Koala is good - I like him :-)
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