Creating A Linux Distro - Need Programmers, Designers etc

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Sat Nov 14 12:13:31 GMT 2009

No problem making your own distro, just do it yourself. Don't make a
word document and do a horrible design in MS paint upload it to an
UBUNTU mailing list and expect anyone to give a sh(-1^1/2)t. :)

On 14 Nov, 20:35, Christopher Lees <christopher_l... at>
> On Fri, 2009-11-13 at 20:18 +0000, Julius Papz wrote:
> > Hey all,
> >               We need people who can create us a linux distro were planning to bring to the market! we need anyone who wants to help out
> > we attached a document regarding our project!  And we will have a website about this project in a matter of weeks
> > cheers
> > Julius Papadopoulos
> Time for some reality here.
> There are already hundreds (thousands?) of distributions. All the
> distributions that actually get used have one thing in common: They know
> who their target market is, and they design their system to be catered
> specifically to that target. So far, nothing I've seen about your
> project has told me that you even know who you're intending this
> distribution for.
> I get the vague idea that it's for desktops, and that it might be just a
> live CD environment... but there's absolutely nothing so far
> differentiating your project from the hundred or so Ubuntu respins.
> Except that yours seems to lack originality by comparison.
> You also don't say what you really need in terms of programming. Do you
> need people who know HTML? PHP? Python? C? C#? Ruby? I might have the
> skillset to help if it's Python, but I'm not going to volunteer and then
> find that I'm expected to write something Ajaxy. And when you say "we",
> who is the "we"; in other words, if I joined this project, who exactly
> am I working for?
> What distributions is this based on? Ubuntu? Linux From Scratch?
> OpenSUSE? T2? Android? With Gnome? KDE? XFCE? Openbox and AWN?
> And do you know what's most off-putting about this? You mention in the
> document that you made the mockup in MS Paint. You attached the document
> in Microsoft Word 2007 format! (thanks to Harrison for converting it to
> ODF so I could actually read it)
> Why on earth would anybody use your Linux distribution when you don't?
> Before you can get anybody from the Linux community involved, you need
> to ask yourself those questions, and have some pretty good answers.
> Until then, it sounds like you're trying to get someone to make "MY gR8
> OS!!!!!" without actually booting up Linux at any stage yourself.
> I'm sorry if I sounded nasty (I wasn't trying to be or sound that way),
> but honestly I'd hate to see you waste your time (and other people's
> time) on an ill-defined project, when you could instead be installing
> Ubuntu and learning all about our exciting operating system :-)
> Chris.
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