Log In challenge - screenshot attached

Callan Jefferson Davies callan at cruzn.net.au
Tue Nov 10 12:52:24 GMT 2009

> I type in my old (first) password (note not my current password) and it
> goes away.
> However this screen continues to greet me everytime I log in.

Hi Brian,

This has happened to me before aswell - it seems that your system/login
password, and your 'keyring' password are two completely different

(the way I figure it, your keyring stores all your saved passwords and
the like, and it has a password to unlock it. So if, say, Ubuntu One
wants to access your keyring, it needs your keyring password).

If your keyring password and your login password are the same, it's
happy days. If they are different, you get the screen you showed us.

If you click Applications >> Accessoroes >> Passwords and Encryption,
you can change the keyring password. It's bed time and I can't remember
the exact process, but I seem to recall you just right click somewhere
and change password, making sure it matches your login password.

Hopefully someone else can finish off from here, *yawn*


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