Mobile broadband connection 9.10 Huawei E1762

Slawek Drabot sdrabot at
Tue Nov 3 06:55:09 GMT 2009

I have exetel mobile broadband using Huawei E1762 modem on 9.10.

A couple of issues:
1. On a clean boot with the modem plugged in, 9.10 does not recognise the modem. It recognises the storage part of the modem, but not the modem itself. Solution is to remove the modem and plug it in again, but it's annoying.
2. When re-connecting to the internet, sometimes I get a connection without being able to lookup http pages, i.e. no DNS or similar. Solution is to disconnect and reconnect, sometimes repeatedly, till I'm able to resolve domain names. VERY ANNOYING!

Any help appreciated.


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