Mobile broadband connection 9.10 Huawei E1762

Dave Hall dave.hall at
Tue Nov 3 07:54:54 GMT 2009

On Mon, 2009-11-02 at 22:55 -0800, Slawek Drabot wrote:
> I have exetel mobile broadband using Huawei E1762 modem on 9.10.
> A couple of issues:
> 1. On a clean boot with the modem plugged in, 9.10 does not recognise
> the modem. It recognises the storage part of the modem, but not the
> modem itself. Solution is to remove the modem and plug it in again,
> but it's annoying.
> 2. When re-connecting to the internet, sometimes I get a connection
> without being able to lookup http pages, i.e. no DNS or similar.
> Solution is to disconnect and reconnect, sometimes repeatedly, till
> I'm able to resolve domain names. VERY ANNOYING!

The USB serial driver in karmic is broken.  There was supposed to be a
post release fix for it, but it is yet to be released :(

For more info see

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