Lightweight Email Client

Lisa Milne lisa at
Sun Mar 29 13:35:49 BST 2009

How lightweight do you want? I usually just use telnet for
sending/receiving email on my laptop.

Or a step up from that would be Mutt or Pine which are both command line

If you want something with a GUI though, Sylpheed is good.


On Sun, 2009-03-29 at 12:41 +1000, Simon Ives wrote:
> Hi All.
> Can anyone recommend a lightweight email client that I can use with my 
> EEE PC running Ubuntu 8.10 and Ubuntu NBR?  Evolution is too bulky and 
> Thunderbird doesn't play well with the NBR interface.  I'm after 
> something with a really simple user interface.
> Thanks.
> Simon.
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