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Dave Hall dave.hall at
Sun Mar 29 08:53:59 BST 2009

> On Sat, 2009-03-28 at 22:41 +1030, squareyes wrote:
> >
> > Thanks for the suggestions,
> > unfortunately cannot  use Internode for broadband, no access here, can 
> > access Telstra NextG wireless, but don't
> > feel like mortgaging my house to pay for it. Extremely expensive. 
> > After my dial up experience getting dropped off 36 time between Jan 26 
> > and March 26, (stopped logging disconnects after dialog with Telstra) 
> > would rather not any more  to do with Telstra than I have to, besides 
> > with satellite I can dump my land line, which I would have to keep if 
> > I went Next G wireless. In my area I have to have a NextG mobile, 
> > normal mobiles have no coverage.
> > May still buy router from Internode though, have been very happy with 
> > their service, sorry to be leaving them.

I am in an area where I can only get Satellite or a HSDPA service.  I
went with Optus.  I wouldn't recommend them to others.  I am not sure
what satelite services you are looking at, but generally the latency is
so bad voip isn't an option.  I am not a big fan of Telstra, but they do
have the best HSDPA network in the country - by a country mile :)

When I looked at it a sat service with decent speed and quota was as
expensive if not more expensive than Telstra's Next G products.  Their
wifi router is pretty decent too, we used one at StixCampNewstead a few
weeks back and there were no complaints from the 50 or so geeks there.

VoIP works well over the next G network too

Don't just reject an option cos there is the orange T on the box :)



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