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Sat Mar 28 12:11:52 GMT 2009

squareyes wrote:
> db wrote:
>> 3g / next g / wimax  doesn't reach you ?
>> 2009/3/28 Andre Mangan <andremangan at>:
>>> 2009/3/28 squareyes <squareyes at>
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> am about to at last dive into broadband, unfortunately has to be
>>>> satellite.
>>>> I can setup a dialup connection in my sleep, first time with broadband
>>>> so a new learning curve.
>>>> My query , I intend to connect 2 machines via a hard wired router, 
>>>> would
>>>> I be correct that they are "plug and play"?
>>>> and are there any I should stay away from, and are there any 
>>>> problems I
>>>> may encounter?.
>>>> Many thanks in advance.
>>>> Take Care
>>>> Winton
>>> Hello Winton,
>>> Since you are with Internode, why not use the routers that they 
>>> recommend.
>>> They are a little more expensive than if you were to buy any of them 
>>> from
>>> another source but they do come to you fully configured with your 
>>> account
>>> details as well as a warranty.  The warranty means that if you were to
>>> suffer damage to your router, all you have to do is to phone 
>>> Internode and
>>> they will send you a replacement including a bag to return the damaged
>>> item.  That seems pretty decent of them.
>>> Another advantage is that if you were to use their Nodephone service 
>>> the
>>> router is VoIP capable.
>>> Connecting two machines is not a problem, there are four sockets and of
>>> course there is WiFi as well.  Yes, they are "plug and play".
>>> My experience with routers is limited but I can tell you that if you 
>>> have a
>>> Siemens router you will be able to fry an egg on it.
>>> The Billion 7401 looks like it would do the job nicely.
>>> Andre
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> Thanks for the suggestions,
> unfortunately cannot  use Internode for broadband, no access here, can 
> access Telstra NextG wireless, but don't
> feel like mortgaging my house to pay for it. Extremely expensive. 
> After my dial up experience getting dropped off 36 time between Jan 26 
> and March 26, (stopped logging disconnects after dialog with Telstra) 
> would rather not any more  to do with Telstra than I have to, besides 
> with satellite I can dump my land line, which I would have to keep if 
> I went Next G wireless. In my area I have to have a NextG mobile, 
> normal mobiles have no coverage.
> May still buy router from Internode though, have been very happy with 
> their service, sorry to be leaving them.
> Thanks again
> Take Care
> Winton

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