Please help me ask a question on the Ubuntu site

Abramo Papp a.papp at
Sun Jun 28 12:10:09 BST 2009

Hi Melissa,

I've decided to take the plunge into Ubuntu but I have come accross an early

I have a new Asus eeepc notebook and connect to the internet using a Telstra
broadband wirless modem (Sierra Wireless USB 308 modem). It obvously works
with my Windows XP, but it is not recognised by Ubuntu 9.04. I have tried to
manually configure it using the Ubuntu documentation but it still does not
get recognised. I have searched the Sierra Wireless website and have
downloaded drivers and instructions, but the 'make' command ends in errors.
I have read many questions and answers on the
web site and none seem to offer any help. I have tried on two occassions to
ask my own question. I got to the point where I entered a summary line, then
I can't seem to get any further. I must say it is very difficult for a
novice to find the question page and add any detail. I have screen output of
all the termianl window commands etc. which would make sense to a linux

Sorry about the verbose explanation, but I want you to know I have tried as
best I can to follow the Ubuntu protocol to find an answer. I was a Unix
system administrator (DEc Ultrix) several life-times ago, now I simply want
to use anything but Microsoft or Apple operating systems. I hope you can
point me in the right direction.


Abramo Papp

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