Ubuntu Open Office Database

Daniel Mons daniel.mons at iinet.net.au
Fri Jun 26 01:07:20 BST 2009

Geoffrey wrote:
> I am using Ubuntu 9.04, with which I would like to keep a few database
> tables with the ability to query and manipulate data.
> The help file in Open Office Calc refers to an associated database
> called 'Base' stating that the Database Wizard could create a database
> file. However the File Menu has no reference to Database. Evidently it
> needs a database engine, and the Database Wizard gives a choice.
> Q: How do I go about providing a database engine for access via Calc and
> which one is best used in Ubuntu? Note that I intend creating a database
> from scratch rather than importing data from another source (such as
> Paradox, for which I have a version).  

It's not included in a default Ubuntu 9.04 install.

You'll need to install the package "openoffice.org-base", either via the
GUI "Add/Remove" tool, the command line:

sudo apt-get install openoffice.org-base

Or via any other preferred method (synaptic, aptitude, whatever).


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