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Frode Egeland egeland at
Sun Jul 5 02:23:34 BST 2009

Hi Geoffrey,

It will be available as 'xlog' in the terminal, noting that it's all lower
case, no CAPS.
You may need to make your own menu entry. Did you check other places in the
menu - sometimes things are wrongly placed..


On Sat, Jul 4, 2009 at 18:28, Geoffrey <gcombes4 at> wrote:

> I recently downloaded a Linux (Ubuntu?) program called Xlog (it's a ham
> radio logging program). This seemed to go well and the program appears
> under Add?Remove application as in the Accessories category and
> installed. However it is not listed under Accessories not can I find
> with Search any file with the name or part-name Xlog.
> I've had difficulty in learning details about the program and therefore
> cannot even confirm that it is written for the GNOME desktop.
> Q: Would someone please advise how to go about searching for this
> program using a command at Terminal?
> Geoffrey Combes

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