Replacement computers for bushfire victims

Stewart Johnston scj at
Wed Feb 11 02:15:01 GMT 2009

Senectus . wrote:
> 2009/2/11 Stewart Johnston <scj at <mailto:scj at>>
>     Just heard a lady on the abc talking all the computers that will have
>     been lost in the bushfires ("and all the kids wanting to check
>     facebook
>     for support"). While it's not the top priority for people just now, I
>     imagine that it may become so in the near future.
>     Does anyone know of any refurbishment initiatives that might be
>     providing PCs to Victoria that are jumping in to help? I'm not working
>     at the moment and would be happy to volunteer my Ubuntu installing
>     skills, as well as my hardware refurbishing talents, if needed.
> As well meaning as this sounds, the reports I've seen and heard 
> suggest they don't have houses or even power to use the PC's with...
> Is there some organization close to ground zero that can confirm or 
> deny these efforts would be worth working on? no point sending a bunch 
> of working PC's into an area that don't need to be cluttered by such 
> things... it may end up being a downright hindrance to recovery.
Whoops... sorry senectus.

As I said, it probably wouldn't be an immediate need, but I'm guessing 
it'll come fairly soon. Power is being restored as far as I know, and 
it'd be nice to be ready to fill demand when it comes.

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