Router query

squareyes squareyes at
Tue Apr 7 13:40:48 BST 2009

Hi all,
am in the process of changing to satellite broadband (from years of dial 
up) with HarbourIT, and have been told by them
that I can purchase wireless/wired router with 4 access ports for $180. 
This router comes pre-configured.

I can buy a straight wired router for $90, (no wireless card in my main 
machine, and would like to plug in my laptop into same router) so I 
would like to know what is involved in configuring it myself.  Am on a 
pension and would rather not spend the funds if I can get one for $90, 
and have the extra knowledge as a bonus :-)

Are there any pitfalls I may encounter, am running 8.04 at the moment, 
but will upgrade when I have broadband access.

Many thanks in advance.
Take Care

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