installing 8.04 on sata drives prob

Paul Gear paul at
Thu Apr 2 21:57:26 BST 2009

James Takac wrote:
> ...
>> Check that the BIOS setting is AHCI on the SATA drives.  It sounds like
>> it's in ATA emulation mode.
>> Paul
> The Bios seems to have a Compatibility mode  and an Enhanced mode re the ide 
> ports which below that can be set to S-ata, P-ata, or S-ata + P-ata. Setting 
> to compatibility mode sets the 3rd by default which I'm trying now. I swore I 
> saw settings earlier re the DMA's and such but that may have been another pc 
> I worked on the other day

That sounds like the problem.  You definitely don't want compatibility mode.


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