Launcpad as a developer.

Peter Schwenke peter at
Mon Sep 8 07:03:12 BST 2008

William Grant wrote:
> ...
> Why do you speak of Ubuntu and the Canonical Ubuntu developers, when
> Michael spoke of projects on Launchpad? Launchpad is by no means
> Ubuntu-specific, and Canonical employees are by no means the only people
> to work on Ubuntu.

I'm aware of that.  I tend to think of Ubuntu when I think of Launchpad.
   Yes, there are other projects hosted there.

> What do you mean small, low risk fixes won't go into the Ubuntu kernel?
> If there was truth in that, we would be using the upstream kernel. We
> are clearly not.

I say that matter-of-factly not as a criticism.  I had a few small
patches to a jump table for Feisty and Gutsy (#90771 and #139045).  The
last of which I think is only coming through now because the 2.6.27
kernel is being used for Intrepid.   When the patches didn't get in from
 Launchpad, I looked at the size of the team and the amount of work and


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