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William Grant william at
Mon Sep 8 04:28:24 BST 2008

Hi Peter,

Peter Schwenke wrote:
> [snip]
> One tip.  The Canonical team is fairly small.  For example, I have found
> that with things like kernel patches you are better going upstream and
> letting them filter back down.   I think that the last time I looked the
> kernel team was 3 or 4 people and they also were spread across other
> things.  So even very small, low risk fixes won't go to the Ubuntu
> kernel and be submitted upstream.

Why do you speak of Ubuntu and the Canonical Ubuntu developers, when
Michael spoke of projects on Launchpad? Launchpad is by no means
Ubuntu-specific, and Canonical employees are by no means the only people
to work on Ubuntu.

What do you mean small, low risk fixes won't go into the Ubuntu kernel?
If there was truth in that, we would be using the upstream kernel. We
are clearly not.

> You can, of course, have your own packages available.  These days it is
> easier to host them with the "ppa" mechanism.  But it is better if the
> changes go in so that everyone can use your hard work.

PPAs are not a place to put fixes for anything other than temporary
testing. That just gets people annoyed with you.

William Grant
Ubuntu Developer

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