My _intended_ emal re: soundconverter anomolies

David Ryder davaweb at
Tue Nov 11 01:43:46 GMT 2008

First, I sincerely apologise for mucking people up this morning with two
emails I should have written when not being interrupted.

OK. Hardy 32 bit, Intel Core 2 CPU @ 2.13GHz

I am trying to convert 124.9MB of 18 mp3 files to wav format. (Actually,
a lot of mp3's but this is my 'test' case in Hardy).

My tests:
18 mp3s totalling 124.9MB

1. In Hardy, using soundconverter 1.0.1 (from the repository), I noticed
loading the program used 50% CPU resources and was non responsive for
about 15 seconds and greyed out, then was available to use. There is no
resampling available in this version and converting the 18 mp3 files to
wav format resulted in 1.5GB.

2. I installed manually the latest soundconverter 1.4.1. It loaded
faster and worked faster. As it permits resampling for wav files, I
chose 44100. The resultant size was again 1.5GB. I expected more as I
thought resampling would make the files larger.

3. As 1.5GB seemed large, I used a Windows machine, trying three of the
plethora of software audio converters available. I converted the 18 mp3
files to 44100 resampled. The resultant size was between 580MB and

This seemed to confirm soundconverter's results were excesssively large,
especially when compared to the 580MB - <800MB in Windows.

Can anybody help please? I need to convert a lot of files (preferably by
gui because of the volume I have to do) and want the best quality for cd
burning. (K3b is not an option for me. The only burning program I have
ever found successful is Imgburn via Wine.)

Many thanks,

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