My _intended_ emal re: soundconverter anomolies

Paul Gear paul at
Tue Nov 11 02:05:08 GMT 2008

David Ryder wrote:
> ...
> First, I sincerely apologise for mucking people up this morning with two
> emails I should have written when not being interrupted.

We all have our moments.  :-)

> ...
> I am trying to convert 124.9MB of 18 mp3 files to wav format. (Actually,
> a lot of mp3's but this is my 'test' case in Hardy).
> ...
> Can anybody help please? I need to convert a lot of files (preferably by
> gui because of the volume I have to do) and want the best quality for cd
> burning. (K3b is not an option for me. The only burning program I have
> ever found successful is Imgburn via Wine.)

The one thing i can't get past when reading your emails is: WHY?  Why
would you want to do this?  K3B has a perfectly good MP3-to-CD-audio
converter.  I've never encountered anything that K3B couldn't burn that
wasn't my fault.  If K3B and the Gnome equivalents are not working,
there is very likely something wrong with your CD drive or media.

If you don't have any joy working out what's wrong with the native CD
burners, another option might be Audacity, although i'm guessing that
what you meant above was that you would prefer NOT to do it with a GUI.
 Another command-line option would be mpg321:
	mpg321 --wav file.wav file.mp3

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