squareyes squareyes at
Tue Jun 24 17:29:10 BST 2008

Mark & Charmaine wrote:
> hello there i have one of those computers and have no idea how to use 
> it could you  please email me the info  to 
> charmaine_inness at <mailto:charmaine_inness at>
> which company does support the computer as we tried to get the 
> internet on it and they say they dont do it
> you can also contact me on 0437532811 thank you heaps
I haven't run across any Internet service providers that won't allow you 
access if you
are using Ubuntu Linux, you may have problems with internal modems though.
If you live North of Adelaide I would be happy to give you any help I am 
able. Your welcome to email me off list
if you do live north of Adelaide..

I suggest you try clicking on the Help icon (the small lifebelt) on top 
of the screen and do some reading.

Hope this helps.
Take Care

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