Failed to access the USB Subsystem

Andrew Otte otte at
Thu Oct 25 02:51:53 BST 2007

On Thu, 25 Oct 2007 8:57:25 am Victor Vahe Kevorkian wrote:
> I upgraded to Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Successfully.
> My Virtual Box (Windows XP) also was upgraded to Gutsy .386.
> When started Virtual Box I noticed that my USB ports where not there.
> In "Settings" I get the following message:
> Failed to access the USB Subsystem.
> Could not load the Host USB Proxy Service
> The service might be not installed on the host computer.
> Result code: 0x80004005
> Component: Host
> Interface: (bunch of lettrs and numbers)
> Callee: (bunch of letters and numbers)
> I checked all my USB Ports on Ubuntu and they all work properly.
> Please I need help.
> What steps should I take to have the USB Ports to work on Virtual Box.
> Thank you.
> Victor
I think you just need to reboot!  That's what fixed it in mine!

Andrew Otte
Laidley, Queensland
otte at

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